Keep calm and enjoy Milan

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Take a walk through Milan and discover all of the city’s new wonders

2015 is finally here and the Universal Exposition is about to totally revolutionize Milan - six months of international events, debates, openings and congresses in a city which is constantly evolving. So get ready to explore Milan with this extraordinary guide, which will take you from the centre to the suburbs and show you the city as you’ve never seen it before: looking to the future, but with roots that go deep into its history. Besides the traditional walks, you’ll discover the neighborhoods that are reaching for the sky, the new flavors which blend tradition and international cuisine, and the galleries, museums and parks of a city of fashion, contemporary art and design. A guidebook to accompany you through the innovations of a city, which is backing the Expo in order to construct its own future.

Francesca Cassani was born and lives in Milan. A professional journalist, she has written for several newspapers, and since 2007 has been a communication and press officer. She has worked for the Municipality of Milan, the Lombardy Region and she is currently working for the FNM Group. For Newton Compton she has also published È facile vincere lo stress a Milano se sai dove andare (It’s Easy to Survive The Stress of Milan If You Know Where to Go).

ISBN: 9788854182646 - Pagine: 256 - manuali e guide n. 267 - Argomenti: Guide - Viaggi - Casa, hobby e tempo libero

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