Try to love me

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The X-rated Italian bestseller that has scandalised readers

Antony Barker is a handsome, muscular gigolo. Officially, he's the lover of cold, unscrupulous Rachel Norton, head of the largest pharmaceutical company in the United States, but Antony's legendary services are also in demand from many other clients in New York's jet set... 
Antony has relationships with men, women and even with groups, but he never lets himself fall in love: cool and professional, his sensuality is second only to his determination. 
Not long after arriving in New York from Italy to work in Rachel's marketing office, young Angela Palmieri has become her boss's favourite, and reluctantly finds herself immersed in a world of luxury, excess and decadence.

The X-rated writer who tops the Italian bestseller lists

A breathtaking story and a huge hit with thousands of readers on the web.

«In her first day on sale, Sylvia Kant was already breathing down E.L. James' neck.» 
La Stampa

«Try to love me is the story of a gigolo which broke out from the world of self-publishing.» 
Il Corriere della Sera

«If something is going to change in the erotic romance genre, it will be the complexity of the plot, because as well as explicit images, female eroticism also needs narration. Like in Sylvia Kant's book.» 
D La Repubblica delle donne

Readers' comments:

«Warning: may cause addiction.»

«Try to love me grabs hold of you, pulls you in intimately and envelops you in an atmosphere that is raw and sensual. You can't put it down, and once you've finished it you'll feel abandoned and empty, and you'll realise that you want more, and more, and more...»

ISBN: 9788822719829 - Pagine: 512 - narrativa n. 1954 - Argomenti: Narrativa - Narrativa erotica - Narrativa italiana - Rosa

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