La legione maledetta by Roberto Genovesi

The Cursed Legion

A lost city, a cursed expedition. Rome is not damned, but its army is.

The General of the Damned 

The tribune Marcus Cornelius Ruber is an officer whom no legionary would choose to have as his commander. The son of a wealthy Roman senator who entered the military profession via the short-cuts of corruption, he is an incompetent, presumptuous and arrogant soldier. On his first mission as a commander he managed to deliver an entire cohort into the hands of the enemy. As a means of rehabilitation, he is assigned the task of leading an expedition to the Iron Gates in Dacia, where a border town which is an important commercial contact has given no signs of life for some time. No taxes come, the frumentarii sent to investigate do not return, and the town’s governors do not reply to the empire’s messages. But no soldier volunteers for the mission; nobody wants to follow ‘the ill-starred general’. So Marcus Ruber is forced to choose his men from the dregs of the empire. And those dregs will have the task of saving Rome from an unimaginable threat...

The Fortress of the Damned
The mystery of the lost town has been solved. But at what price? During the Romans’ first campaign in Dacia, the priests of the besieged citizens made a pact with their gods: they sold their souls in exchange for salvation. Now the tribune Marcus Cornelius Ruber finds himself trapped in the subterranean tunnels of the Dacian town, defending the few men he still has left alive against a horde of ravenous vampires...

The Invasion of the Damned
The ghost town of the Iron Gates has been liberated and Marcus Cornelius Ruber is a very different soldier from the one who left Rome. He can’t wait to get home to announce the victory which will finally rehabilitate his name and his career. A relay of messengers carrying the happy news will precede him by a few weeks. But the virus that had infected the ghost town of the Iron Gates, turning its inhabitants into vampires, travels with his frumentarii. So when he finally returns to Rome, Ruber finds the capital of the empire in the hands of the horde that he had fought against in Dacia. And once again, at the head of his legion of cut-throats and rejects, he will have to raise his sword in defence of Rome, in what looks as if it will be the decisive battle.

Roberto Genovesi is a professional journalist, novelist, scriptwriter and television author. He has written for some of the most important Italian magazines and newpapers, including ‘L’Espresso’, ‘Panorama’, ‘TV Sorrisi e Canzoni’, and ‘la Repubblica’. Considered one of the leading Italian experts on videogames, he teaches the theory and technique of interactive and cross-media languages in several universities. With Sergio Toppi he has co-written comic-book biographies of Frederick of Swabia, Charlemagne, Archimedes of Syracuse and Ghengis Khan. He has published the novel Inferi On Net and L’angelo di Mauthausen. With Newton Compton he has published La legione occulta dell’impero romano, Il comandante della legione occulta and Il ritorno della Legione occulta. Il re dei Giudei, La mano sinistra di Satana (which has been translated into Spanish) and Il Templare nero. Vigiles in Tenebris is the Facebook page dedicated to the Legio Occulta. His website is

Ogni giorno per sempre by Adelia Marino

Every Day for Ever

She never wanted to get involved, but with him it was different

Haley is twenty and lives in California with her Aunt Tess. Her life changed three months ago, when her mother died and her father blamed her and kicked her out of the family home. After such a painful experience it’s not easy to make a new start, but soon Haley meets some of the local kids: Joey, a girl of her own age who quickly becomes a friend, and shortly afterwards Landon Carter, the most handsome tattoo artist in Santa Monica. Landon usually only takes an interest in girls with a view to getting them into bed, but with Haley it seems different. A strong attraction forms between them. When James, her ex-boyfriend, who cheated on her with her best friend, turns up in Santa Monica unannounced, things look as if they might change...

Adelia Marino is a 24-year-old Italo-Canadian who lives in Calabria. She loves reading, updating her blog and writing. She adores Wattpad and talking to people who share her passion. She owes her love of books to her grandmother.

Il tempio maledetto by Fabio Sorrentino

The Cursed Temple

An ancient temple dedicated to the God Amon, and a legendary object. History is about to be rewritten.

Marmarica, 74 AD. Under a burning sun, a century of Roman legionaries wanders across the endless Egyptian desert. The aim of its mission is to rediscover an ancient temple dedicated to the god Amon, which is said to contain a legendary object that has been lost for centuries.
Turkey, 1985. Along the coasts of the Thracian Chersonese, Yoannis Travlos, a Greek scholar, has unearthed the remains of the ancient city of Lysimachia. Two weeks later, Travlos leaves at the first light of dawn on a secret mission to a low hill which overlooks a plain several kilometres beyond the furthest point of his ministerial concession.
Naples, 2013. The archaeologist Robert Ferrazzi, still shaken by the death of his friend Alziwa, receives a visit from a woman; she is Melanie Scott Forster, the daughter of Andrew Cameron, his former employer who disappeared in mysterious circumstances. When he begins to suspect that the man’s disappearance is linked to his friend Alziwa’s last archaeological project – the discovery of an ancient Egyptian temple buried under the dunes of the Sahara – Robert agrees to assist the young man and leaves for Egypt. A journey through mystery and danger to shed light on a truth which time seems to have swallowed up...

Fabio Sorrentino was born in 1983 and lives in San Giorgio a Cremano. He is a civil engineer. He has written the historical novels Ante Actium: Il destino di un guerriero and Sangue imperiale, both of which have been translated into Spanish. In 2014 Newton Compton published his Il segreto dell’Anticristo.

L'amore non è mai una cosa semplice by Anna Premoli

Love is never a simple thing

N°1 italian fiction

She studies economics at the Bocconi, he studies engineering at the Polytechnic. They meet and it’s hate at first sight. But in order to pass an exam they’re forced to work together...
Lavinia’s heart was set on being a teacher, but after her final school exams she lets her parents persuade her to study economics. Now in her fifth year at the Bocconi, she finds herself involved in an unusual project: an exchange with the computing engineers of the Polytechnic. The aim? To team up with a student she has never met before, just as might happen in a working environment. But Lavinia is has no interest in the project at all. And luckily for her, she is paired with a certain Sebastiano, who is even less keen on working in tandem than she is. So, when the practical phase begins and her friends start working in pairs, Lavinia finds herself on her own. How dare that ridiculous boy – reputedly a computing genius – dump her, and what’s more without any explanation? Lavinia has no choice: she can’t stand him, but if she wants to get her credits at the exam, she’ll have to find a way of convincing him to collaborate... But how?

Anna Premoli was born in 1980 in Croatia and lives in Milan, where she graduated in the economics of financial markets at the Bocconi. She has worked at J.P. Morgan and, since 2004, in the private banking department of a private bank. Mathematics has always been her strong point; writing came by chance, as an ‘anti-stress method’ during her first pregnancy. Ti prego lasciati odiare stayed at the top of the bestseller lists for months and won the 2013 Bancarella Prize; the film rights have been bought by Colorado Film. With Newton Compton she has also published Come inciampare nel principe azzurro, Finché amore non ci separi , tutti i difetti che amo di te and Un giorno perfetto per innamorarsi.

Translation rights sold to:
City editions (France) - Principal de los libros (Spain) - Bota publishing (Albania) - Clube do autor (Portugal)
Movie rights optioned by Colorado

Pub date november 2015 | 320 pag. | euro 9.90

Ho voglia di innamorarmi by Cassandra Rocca

I want to fall in love

70.000 copies sold
Top 10 Amazon, Kobo, Apple and bookshops chart

Since leaving home and family to move to Los Angeles, Heaven Taylor has had only one desire: to find her way in life and feel fulfilled, as a woman and as a journalist. But the competition is fierce and it’s not easy to keep
her job on the tabloid newspaper. To do so she will have to get one of the most sought-after scoops: getting some surreptitious snaps of the leading fashion model of the moment and her mysterious lover. Determined to succeed, Heaven sets out in pursuit and ends up on a rock in the middle of the sea, spying on the two lovebirds on a yacht. But a sudden storm takes her by surprise, and just when she thinks she has the pictures she needs, Heaven falls into the ocean, ruining everything: her equipment, the photographs and her dreams of glory. She’s saved from certain drowning by David Cooper, who arrives on a white boat like a prince on his charger. Unfortunately he’s not exactly a prince, and Heaven has loathed him since the time, several years ago, when she let him seduce her, only to find out that she’d been the subject of a bet between friends. Shipwrecked together on a desert island, the two have to cope with their forced companionship and the renewed attraction they feel for each other, under the influence of the untainted beauty of their surroundings...

Option publisher:
Foksal (Poland)

From the author of the bestselling trilogy Tutta colpa di New York

Cassandra Rocca is of Sicilian origin and lives in Genoa. In everyday life she works as a child educator, but she devotes the rest of her time to her greatest passion – books. Newton Compton published the bestselling trilogy Tutta colpa di New York.

Pub date february 2016 | 320 pag. | euro 9.90

Mi manchi troppo per dimenticarti by Valeria Luzi

I miss you too much to forget you

Top 10 Amazon, Kobo, Apple and bookshops charts
A word-of-mouth bestseller

After years of quarrelling, the great chef Michael Di Bella has finally won the heart of the girl who was his best friend in childhood. They now live together in Manhattan and have fixed the date of their wedding. But a freak accident wipes out the bride’s memory of the last ten years of her life, taking her back to her adolescence. Solving a murder mystery is difficult, but it’s nothing compared to the effort of winning the heart of a stubborn and capricious girl like Susi Gentile all over again. But when Michael is on the point of giving up hope, an unexpected event helps to revive the flame that seemed to have been extinguished... 

Valeria Luzi is 30 and lives in Rome. After taking a degree in philosophy, she worked in London, New York and Barcelona to improve her English. On her travels around the world she discovered her true passion – writing. In 2009 she published her first short novel. In 2013 she produced her first full-length novel, Ti odio con tutto il cuore, which was published first online and then in book form; it went to the top of the bestseller lists.

Pub date november 2015 | 320 pag. | euro 12

Un'ora un giorno un anno senza te by Sara Tessa

An hour, a day, a year without you

250.000 copies sold
Top 10 in the book chart
A sequel to the bestselling L’uragano di un batter d’ali

After her traumatic split with Nathan, Bea has led a solitary life. Freeing herself of the anger that had only made her suffer, she has sold her house, bought a dog and found a new job. But she certainly hasn’t forgotten. Her thoughts wander, but always come back to that face that she has lost for ever. In order to survive she has adopted her usual technique of starting all over again. In this new phase of her life a meeting with Philippa, an elderly woman who lives in the same area, stirs something within her, opening her heart again, making room for a kind of love she has never known before. But in order to embrace this other kind of love, the ‘grade A’ kind, as Nathan used to call it, Bea will have to shake off her old convictions and let herself be swept away by emotions she has never felt before...

Sara Tessa was born in Milan, where she still lives. She spent her life waiting for something to happen, then one day a hurricane swept her away: L’uragano di un batter d’ali, her first, originally self-published novel, was published by Newton Compton in early 2014 and shot to the top of the bestseller lists, where it stayed for over twenty weeks. A few months later Il silenzio di un batter d’ali was published, and has been in the bestseller lists since the day it came out. She has also published the novella Tutti i brividi di un batter d’ali, in digital form, and se fossi qui con me questa sera.

Translation rights sold to:
Suma de letras (Spain)

Pub date november 2015 | 320 pag. | euro 9.90

Scusa ma ti amo troppo by Elisa Trodella e Loretta Tarducci



Sometimes a single evening can change your whole life 

Stella Lucente, 26, lives in a small village near Milan. Having recently ended a long relationship, she spends part of her time in the vintage shop which she runs with her friend Bea, and the rest at home. Bea, quarrelling with her boyfriend, persuades Stella to accompany her to a party in a Milanese club. Stella doesn’t know anyone there, but before she has had time to get bored she is accosted by Giulio, an attractive, forthright man in his forties who immediately makes a play for her. He is from Rome. He tells her that he will soon have to return to Rome but that he would like see her again before he leaves, and he gives her his phone number. Next day he comes round to the shop and asks her out to dinner. They start seeing each other and soon he tells her that he’s in love with her and asks her to move with him to Rome, where he runs a successful restaurant, Lo Specchio. On her way to Rome, however, Stella meets Alessandro Presta, a well-known actor, who is handsome and very attractive. Although she continues her love affair with Giulio, she yields to Alessandro’s advances and sleeps with him a couple of times. But she realizes that she is really in love with Giulio when he is injured in a road accident and she fears that she has lost him...

Elisa Trodella and Loretta Tarducci met in Rome, where they both live, at a dinner with a group of ‘extremely serious’ people, and they started laughing together. Later they realized that they had a lot in common. They became friends, and one day they decided to tell this story

Pub date september 2015 | 288 pag. | euro 9.90

Ho scelto te by Giulia Ross

I choose you

The sensual, disarming story of a love triangle and an indecent proposal...

Sara is 25 and has recently moved to Basel to work on a doctorate in cytogenetics in a laboratory. Having recently broken up with her boyfriend, she is feeling depressed, shaken and lost. Then she meets Leo and Oscar at the laboratory, and to her surprise feels strongly attracted to both of them. Blue-eyed, fair-haired Leo is gentle and sensitive. Oscar, his best friend, is the opposite: dark-haired and brown-eyed, and direct to the point of brusqueness. They make her a proposition – that she spend four days with them in Barcelona, going along with anything they suggest. The only condition is that no relationships are to be formed. But what happens in Spain perturbs her so much that she finds it impossible keep to their agreement...

Giulia Ross, was born in Milan in 1981. After taking a degree in biotechnology she went on to do a doctorate in immunology. Alongside her scientific research she has always cultivated her passions for music and writing. Torn between scientific rationality and artistic emotionality herself, she has tried to recreate this tension in her novel. Ho scelto te was written after she moved to the University of Lausanne, where she currently works as a researcher.

Pub date september 2015 | 288 pag. | euro 9.90

Prova ad amarmi by Sylvia Kant

Try to love me

N°1 on Amazon
The x-rated italian novel that has captivated and scandalized readers

Antony Barker is a gigolo of statuesque beauty. He is the official lover of Rachel Norton, a cold, unscrupulous woman, the managing director of the biggest pharmaceutical firm in the United States. But Antony has many other clients who seek his services, which have become legendary in the jet set and the more affluent circles of the Big Apple. He has trysts with  men and women, and with groups too, but never bonds or falls in love with anyone. He is cold and professional, his sensuality second only to his determination. Angela Palmieri, a young Italian woman who has just arrived in New York to work in Rachel’s marketing office, soon becomes her boss’s favourite and is reluctantly introduced to a world of luxury, excess and debauchery.

Silvia Kant. Her self-published first novel was a success on the Internet. She is currently writing the sequel to the red-hot story of Antony.

Pub date july 2015 | 288 pag. | euro 9.90

Ti amo perché sei bugiardo by Elisa Gentile

I Love You Because You’re a Liar

Self-publishing Nº 1 Amazon, a love story that has captivated ebook readers

Two years have passed since Jayden first met Selvaggia. He thinks he’s finally found his soulmate. Selvaggia has overcome her initial doubts and fallen deeply in love with him. She’s convinced that he’s the right man for her, the love of her life. But Jayden’s past comes back to haunt them. When he allows himself to be seduced by the memory of what he used to be, Selvaggia feels a sharper pain than she has ever experienced before. What if Jayden comes to regret throwing away the most beautiful thing that could have happened to him? Sometimes lies don’t give you a second chance..

Elisa Gentile, was born in Vignola, near Modena. She is 29 and lives in Sicily, where she followed her family and found love. She started writing fan fiction inspired by Twilight, publishing it on her blog. Then a couple of years ago, encouraged by her readers, she decided to turn one of the stories into a full-length novel and publish it in digital form. It immediately shot to the top of the bestseller lists in the online stores. Newton Compton has previously published Non meriti un minuto in più del mio amore, the first volume of the ‘lies’ trilogy.

Pub date october 2015 | 288 pag. | euro 9.90

Promettimi che accadrà by Isabella Spinella

Promise me it will happen

A fire, two children, an unexpected love story

Bianca and Carlo meet for the first time as children, one summer evening on the seashore, during a village festival in Calabria. Unfortunately Carlo nearly gets burnt, but the accident is less serious than it seemed. Yet the image of the fire leaves an indelible mark in the eyes of little Bianca. After that occasion they don’t meet again, but both treasure the sweet aftertaste of the looks they exchanged. Many years have passed and both of them live in Rome; Bianca works as the PA of a politician, with whom she has had an affair, which has now run its course; Carlo is a respected psychotherapist who does voluntary work and has no important relationships behind him. It’s his work that brings them together again, but in a way that seems to recreate the event that they both experienced as children: a fire, a burning house, a man, Carlo, trapped inside. And a woman, Bianca, who this time really can save him.

Isabella Spinella was born in Rome in 1980. She works in the field of communications, as director of brand strategy for Autostrade per l’Italia. She is married and has two daughters. She started writing short stories and poems at the age of ten and has never stopped. This is her first novel. 

Pub date february 2016 | 288 pag. | euro 12

L'amore è uno sbaglio straordinario by Daniela Volonté

Love is an incredible mistake

N°1 Amazon
55.000 copies sold
A powerful new novel from an author who has captivated readers of all ages

Melissa lives in Milan and works as a university researcher. One day she buys an iPad at an auction and finds that it still contains a lot of files belonging to its previous owner. The person in question must have been a keen photographer, with a special taste for romantic landscapes and views of the city and the sea. Fascinated by the pictures, she starts searching on the internet. The search leads to a certain Leon de Rouc. He’s just a name on Facebook, but Melissa can’t resist contacting him. Riccardo Ferraris, aka Leon de Rouc, lives in Turin. A computer programmer and amateur photographer, he is in a relationship with a well-known model called Bianca. His life seems idyllic, but in fact is far from it. He hates his job, resents his parents’ expectations and is not in love with Bianca. Melissa and Riccardo begin an online correspondence, which is like a breath of fresh air to Riccardo. Both of them gradually become dependent on this strange relationship, though acutely aware that it’s likely to remain a virtual one. But when real life bursts in on their digital world, they can’t resist revealing their true feelings... 

Daniela Volonté was born in Como, has a degree in Economics and Business and another in Media Studies, and in between has worked as a clerk. Her dream was to become a freelance editor, so as to reconcile work and family life. She writes for pleasure, but full time… because she spends every free minute of the day doing it. With Newton Compton she has published the bestseller Buonanotte amore mio.

Pub date september 2015 | 288 pag. | euro 9.90

Natale da Chanel by Daniela Farnese

A Chanel Christmas

200.000 copies sold
Top 10 in the book chart

The Christmas present every woman dreams of

After a spell in Paris, Rebecca, aka ‘Coco’, moves to New York to become the manager of a branch of the agency she works for. She’s looking forward to her new job and life in the Big Apple, the city that launched the legendary Chanel when her career seemed on the wane. Soon after arriving there, she starts reading a biography of her heroine. It evokes another age, when the world was at war, and Chanel may even have been a spy. Rebecca’s own life has been equally tumultuous, and shows no sign of becoming any quieter. Étienne, her rediscovered sweetheart, hasn’t come with her; he has stayed in France. But what’s an ocean to two people so deeply in love? That was what they’d both thought, at any rate. But sometimes distance can magnify minor misunderstandings, turning them into monstrous disagreements... Will Coco manage to hold on to the love of her life?

Daniela Farnese was born in Naples and lives in Milan and Padua. An events organizer, she works with communications agencies, cultural organizations, magazines, radio and TV. Since 2003 she has edited the popular blog, where she discusses satire, sex, promiscuity and love. For Newton Compton she has published 101 modi per far soffrire gli uomini, Via Chanel N°5, I love Chanel and a noi donne piace il rosso


Pub date november 2014 | 320 pag. | euro 9,90

La mia eccezione sei tu by Patrisha Mar

My Exception is you

N°1 for 3 months on the web
50.000 copies sold

A romantic, lively, hilarious fairytale set in Rome, which will captivate all lovers of dreams with happy endings.

At last it’s the day of the interview, and Sara absolutely must get through this time. It’s two years since she graduated, and she’s had little success in her career or her emotional life. And here she is, desperately late for the appointment, teetering on over-high heels and out of breath (thanks to an alarm clock which doesn’t ring when it should, an unexpected rainstorm and a late bus) under the tall building which is the home of Inside Look, the new magazine specializing in fashion, gossip and a whole range of titillating subjects of which her sister Virginia is an avid reader. This day which began so badly seems to be getting even worse until, as she tries to slip away without being noticed, she finds herself in the lift with... with... yes, none other than the famous, handsome, sexy, dazzling Daniel Gant, whose face and virile form she has often gawped at in the pages of magazines and on posters, always in provocative attitudes. The saliva dries up in her mouth like at the dentist’s. Especially when, after a couple of jolts, it becomes clear that the lift is stuck and won’t start again, and that her temporary room-mate is about to have an attack of claustrophobia...

Patrisha Mar was born in Ravenna. Her great passions have always been writing and reading. She never leaves home without a book in her handbag. She loves watching films and TV series based on Marvel and DC comics, BBC adaptations of the classics and American romantic comedies. La mia eccezione sei tu, originally self-published, has been a bestseller in the online stores.

Pub date July 2015 | 320 pag. | euro 9.90

Te lo dico sottovoce by Lucrezia Scali

I whisper it in your year

N°1 Amazon

Keep your secret as you keep mine. Together they will be safe. The roads that lead to love can be tortuous...

Mia is thirty, has a history of unhappy love affairs and a mother who arranges blind dates for her, perhaps out of a sense of guilt at never having given her the affection she needed. Every night Mia dreams of her ideal lover, but in the morning she wakes up next to her dog with drooping ears and a bristly coat. By day she runs one of the best-known veterinary clinics in Turin and organizes pet therapy sessions at the local hospital. True love never seems to enter her life. Or so Mia thought, until she meets Alberto, an attractive doctor, and Diego, a policeman who has just moved to Turin from Puglia. At last Cupid is going to shoot his arrow; will he manage to pierce the heart of the right man for Mia? 

Lucrezia Scali was born in Moncalieri in 1986 and a few years later moved to Turin. Her love for animals led her to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Grugliasco, where she still studies. Since 2012 she has had a blog, Il libro che pulsa. Te lo dico sottovoce, her first novel, initially self-published, was in the bestselling list of Amazon and ITunes for two months, after which it was bought by Newton Compton.

Pub date january 2016 | 288 pag. | euro 9,90

La cattedrale dei morti by Marcello Simoni

The Cathedral of the Dead

N°1 Italian fiction
1.000.000 copies sold
250 weeks in the book chart
Winner of the 2012 Bancarella prize

Introducing Vitale Federici, the protagonist of incredible, enthralling adventures in eighteenth-century Italy.

The shrewd and observant young Vitale Federici, heir to the lords of Monteferetri, is appointed to investigate a series of seemingly insoluble crimes. But late eighteenth- century Italy soon proves to be an insidious web of appearances concealing the machinations of aristocrats, clergymen and magistrates. The cities of Rome, Urbino and Venice become death traps from which only intelligence and pretence offer Federici any chance of escape.

Marcello Simoni was born in Comacchio in 1975. A former archaeologist with a degree in the humanities, he works as a librarian. He has published several non-fiction historical studies; with Il mercante di libri maledetti, his first novel, he sold more than 500,000 copies, won the 60th Bancarella Prize, and was shortlisted for the 2012 Fiesole Prize and the 2012 Emilio Salgari Prize. The translation rights have been bought in eighteen countries. With Newton Compton he has also published La biblioteca perduta dell’alchimista, Il labirinto ai confini del mondo L’isola dei monaci senza nome, L’abbazia dei cento peccati and L’abbazia dei cento delitti. For the series Live he has published I sotterranei della cattedrale, selling over 150,000 copies.

Translation rights

Pub date october 2015 | 224 pag. | euro 9.90

Sfida per l'impero by Andrea Frediani

Challenge for the empire

An author who have sold over 1 million copies
Top 10 Amazon,Kobo, Apple and Bookshops Chart

Another episode in the saga ‘The invincibles’
The decisive battle for control of Rome. Will Octavian succeed in defeating the dangerous pirate Sextus Pompeius?

Octavian is one step away from absolute power. In less than ten years he has eliminated all his adversaries, one after another. There is only one man left who can challenge his unbridled ambition, a personality so influential and powerful that the future Augustus has had to make him his brother-in-law and share his empire with him: Mark Antony. But now Caesar’s young heir feels strong enough to oppose him openly, partly through propaganda, advised by the crafty Maecenas,


and partly with his armies, under the command of the loyal Agrippa. The showdown comes closer. While in the east Mark Antony strengthens his ties to the Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, in the west Octavian carries out a series of campaigns which establish him as a leader as successful as his rival and extend the frontiers of his realm. Then the time comes for the final encounter, a duel for which the two protagonists have been carefully preparing for years, while concealing their real intentions. The Battle of Actium, one of the most important conflicts in Roman history, will not only decide the destiny of the empire, but determine who will be master of the world. 

Andrea Frediani, was born in Rome in 1963; scientific consultant to the magazine ‘Focus Wars’, he has written for a number of specialized journals. With Newton Compton he has published several non-fiction works, as well as historical novels, including Jerusalem; Un eroe per l’impero romano; the Dictator trilogy; Marathon; La dinastia; 300 guerrieri and 300. Nascita di un impero. The present book is the final instalment
of the saga Gli invincibili, a quadrilogy about Augustus. His works have been translated into five languages. His website is


Pub date may 2015 | 384 pag. | euro 9.90

La mappa della città morta by Stefano Santarsiere

The Map of the Dead City

A curious journalist, a mystery that needs to be solved, a revolutionary truth for the history and future of humankind.

The manuscript of an explorer and a holographic planetarium: two objects that seem to come from beyond the grave, but which for Professor Laurenzi are proof that his son Angelo, an archaeologist who disappeared in the mountains of Mato Grosso, is still alive. Convinced by the professor to take on a mission which is on the limits of human capabilities, Charles Fort, the editor of an online newspaper specializing in mysterious news items, leaves his home in Bologna and sets out on the trail of an enigma that has been pursued for centuries by adventurers, scholars and criminals: what caused the sudden freezing of the Antarctic and the disappearance of the Oltotec people? What secrets lie in the last place where they are said to have lived, and whose ruins are believed to be hidden in the Brazilian jungle? To answer these questions, Fort will have to penetrate the Amazonian hell and elude a powerful mining company, which will stop at nothing to get hold of knowledge which could shatter the global technological competition...

Stefano Santarsiere born in 1974, lives and works in Bologna. He published his first novel, L’arte di Khem, in 2005, and his second, Ultimi quaranta secondi della storia del mondo, in 2011. He directed the short film Scaffale 27, winning the prize for the best short film in the contest Complete Your Fiction 2012. La mappa della città morta, initially self-published, has risen into the lists of bestselling ebooks.

Pub date february 2016 | 320 pag. | euro 12,00

Il quadro maledetto by Fabrizio Santi

The cursed painting

A new debut of historical fiction

Professor Theodor Klissman has to return to Italy because of the death of his aunt. But a seemingly harmless journey becomes a dangerous adventure. Theodor finds himself involved in the search for a notorious painting with occult powers. The painting, which depicts an angel dressed in a purple robe, is said to have appeared and disappeared over the centuries, always in different places, driving anyone who has had the misfortune to see it mad. Theodor is convinced that this is only a legend, but when he learns that a country priest, whose past is linked to the picture, has disappeared in mysterious circumstances, he has to investigate. Abandoning caution and rationality, the professor sets out to find the lost work, determined to unveil its secret once and for all. He is helped in his search by a musician friend, Riccardo, and by the beautiful Irene. The three of them find themselves engaged in a kind of initiatory process which involves exploring subterranean tunnels underneath Rome, repelling the adepts of a secret sect which is trying to impede them, and seeking assistance from priests and librarians specialized in the ancient world and its relics. What is the mystery behind the history of that picture? Who painted it? Following a trail of clues, Theo comes uncovers a secret that will force him to question everything he believes in... 

Fabrizio Santi was born in Rome, where he still lives. He studied philosophy and formal logic and graduated in foreign languages and literature. He teaches English at high school in Rome. He took a diploma in piano playing at the “Francesco Morlacchi” Conservatoire in Perugia. He has also studied harmony and composition. For about twenty years he has been the artistic director of a Roman musical association and has directed numerous concerts of symphonic and choral music. This is his first novel. 

Pub date may 2015 | 480 pag. | euro 9.90

I manoscritti perduti degli Illuminati

The lost manuscripts of the Illuminati

70.000 copies author
Top 10 Amazon, Kobo, Apple and bookshops chart
From the author of La cospirazione degli illuminati
A truly Italian bestseller.

Florence. Panic spreads through the prestigious Paolini auction house: a bomb has exploded and a group of paramilitaries hold the large audience hostage. In a few seconds they achieve their aim – stealing fourteen papyrus scrolls containing an old version of the Bible. Lugano. Andreas Henkel, an agent of the Vatican Secret Service, is faced with a shocking and unexpected event: his girlfriend has been kidnapped. The two seemingly unconnected events soon prove to be closely linked. Henkel has the task of finding the priceless stolen scrolls, and if he doesn’t succeed in seventy-two hours his girlfriend will die along with hundreds of other people. With the help of Viola, a young Carabinieri lieutenant, he sets out on a journey that takes him first to the Vatican, then to the Holy Land and finally to Athens. His investigations reveal an uncomfortable truth which has been concealed for centuries by the Church. It concerns the true meaning of the Bible.

G. L. Barone works for the town council of Varese. For Newton Compton he has published La cospirazione degli Illuminati, Il sigillo dei tredici Massoni and La chiave di Dante. The translation rights of his books have been sold in the Portuguese and Spanish-speaking countries. To learn more, his website is

Translation rights

Pub date february 2016 | 420 pag. | euro 12.00

Dieci minuti per uccidere by Francesco Caringella

Ten minuts to kill

30.000 copies author
Top 10 Amazon, Kobo, Apple and bookshops chart
An explosive new voice in Italian crime fiction

Darkness has fallen in Bari when a shot rings out. A bullet hits Antonio De Santis, silencing the jazz music that filled the air. Ten minutes. Six hundred seconds. That’s how long the businessman has to live. A short enough time, though it seems endless. Will it be long enough to allow him to reassess his whole life? To piece together a puzzle whose overall meaning has always eluded him? So that he can understand the meaning of a fateful family holiday on the Côte d’Azure? And so discover the identity of his murderer, who is now watching him, shielded by darkness?

Francesco Caringella, was born in 1965 in Bari. Formerly a naval officer, a police inspector and a prosecuting magistrate at the Court of Milan, since 1997 he has been a State Commissioner. He has written many books on law, and is scientific manager of the publishing house Dike Giuridica.

Pub date november 2015 | 288 pag. | euro 9.90

Non uccidere

Do not kill

20.000 COPIES sold in one month

As gritty as Jeffery Deaver
A new case for Commissario Sensi and Dr Claps 

One night Claps hears that Giacomo Riondino has escaped, leaving a trail of blood behind him. Seven years earlier, Claps had worked with the police on the Riondino case: two women had been kidnapped, kept prisoner, tortured and killed. The murderer had been caught, but tests had revealed a disturbing fact: Riondino had two different personalities, which alternated in controlling his actions during the course of the day. At his trial the defendant had been judged non responsible for his actions and sent to a psychiatric institution; then, after six years of therapy, he had been deemed no longer dangerous to himself or others and transferred to a rehabilitation centre. That was where he had escaped from. Now Claps would have to work with Sensi on another manhunt. A very unusual manhunt this time, because Riondino is close at hand, much closer than you might think...

Mario Mazzanti was born in Tuscany and raised in Milan, where he studied medicine and where he still works. He lives near Bergamo with his wife, four children and three pets. He likes the cinema, literature and chess. Newton Compton has previously published his Un giorno perfetto per uccidere.

TRANSLATION RIGHTS: Yakamoz Publishing (Turkey)

Pub date june 2015 | 320 pag. | euro 9.90

Quel brutto delitto di Campo de' Fiori by Letizia Triches

That Brutal Murder in Campo de’ Fiori

N°1 Amazon
50.000 copies sold

A little girl who disappeared
A painter accused of her murder 
In the narrow streets of Rome an inconvenient truth comes to light only twenty years later

A new case for Giuliano Neri

March 1967, Campo de’ Fiori, Rome. Twelve-year-old Arianna Baltusi goes out to her music lesson. She never comes back. Although her body has never been found, the evidence leads to the arrest of a family friend: the artist Ottavio Conti, who soon afterwards hangs himself in his cell, though without having confessed to the crime. September 1989. Giuliano Neri postpones moving to Venice in order to spend a couple of months in the Eternal City. As a favour to a friend, the judge Lapo Treschi, Giuliano works on the restoration of a fresco preserved in the church of Sant’Angelo in Porta Paradisi, behind the piazza Campo de’ Fiori. The painter is Matteo Baltusi, little Arianna’s father, who was killed in a tragic road accident a few years after her daughter’s disappearance. Intrigued about this mysterious story from the past, Giuliano succeeds in discovering where Arianna’s remains are hidden. But the investigators refuse to reopen the old case. So Giuliano starts an investigation of his own. What really happened that distant afternoon, on 8 March 1967?

Letizia Triches was born in Rome, where she still lives. A lecturer and researcher in the history of art, she has published many articles in the journals Prometeo and Cahiers d’art. The author of several short stories and novels in the noir detective genre, she won the first edition of the Chiara Prize for unpublished works, and has been longlisted for the Scerbanenco Prize. With Newton Compton she has published Il giallo di Ponte Vecchio.

Pub date april 2015 | 288 pag. | euro 9.90

L'assassino della porta accanto by Manuela Dicati

The murderer next door

Get on the trail of a new talent

Michela Bellani is the young owner of a fashionable restaurant in Florence. Attractive and self-confident, she has just moved to a new flat and has met her handsome neighbour, the police inspector Gabriele Vittori. One night a burglar breaks into her flat and is only thwarted by Vittori’s timely intervention. The next day she reports the break-in, and then life goes on as before. But her dramatic rescue by Gabriele has made a deep impression on her, and she wonders if she’s going to be able to fall in love again for the first time after a tragic accident four years earlier. Suddenly events come to a head: the man who broke in to her apartment is killed, and Vittori has to deploy all his experience and expertise to discover the identity of the murderer. And stop him before he can rob Vittori of this enigmatic woman with whom he fell in love at first sight.

Manuela Dicati was born in 1979 in Perugia, where she lives with her husband and three children. She has a degree in media studies and loves dogs, sport and reading. She began to develop her passion for writing after her third pregnancy.

Pub date september 2015 | 320 pag. | euro 9.90