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Frankfurt Book Fair 2013
Come inciampare nel principe azzurro by Anna Premoli
How to Stumble Across the Love of Your Life

From the bestselling author of Ti prego lasciati odiare

Winner of the 2013 Bancarella Prize

What girl doesn’t dream of a step up in her career combined with the chance of a year abroad? This is the wonderful opportunity that Maddison gets one day: but the unexpected promotion involves a move to the other side of the world – South Korea. Maddison, however, is a career woman only on the surface. In reality she is much less motivated than her colleagues, and not at all attracted by the idea of such a drastic change. Why oh why did they choose her, the one who has always kept a low profile, who is terrified of novelty and being put to the test? When she gets to Korea, her boss, a man of oriental origin with an American passport, doesn’t go out of his way to make it easy for her to adapt to her new environment. Plunged into an initially hostile world about which she knows nothing, and whose cuisine and other traditions she loathes, Maddison finds herself forced to adapt and grow up quickly. Maybe in the process she will stumble over something wonderful and quite unexpected!

ANNA PREMOLI was born in 1980 in Croatia and now lives in Milan, where she took a degree in the economy of financial markets at the Bocconi University. Formerly employed at J.P. Morgan, since 2004 she has worked for a private bank, where she specializes in financial consultancy and fiscal optimization. Mathematics has always been her strong point; writing appeared by chance, as an ‘anti-stress method’ during her first pregnancy. With Newton Compton she has published Ti prego lasciati odiare, winner of the 2013 Bancarella Prize. The novel was at the top of the bestseller list for months and the film rights have been bought by Colorado Film. Come inciampare nel principe azzurro, too, was a self-publishing success, reaching the top of the bestseller list.

Translation Rights of Ti prego lasciati odiare sold to:

Bota Publishing (Albania)
City Editions (France)
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PUBLICATION DATE: 05/09/2013 | 320 PAGES | E 9,90

Buongiorno amore by Elisa Amoruso
Hello Love

Agnese and Lorenzo meet when they are children, kneeling on Rimini beach, taking part in a sandcastle competition. Summer after summer they meet again on the same beach, more grown-up every year, and games in the water have given way to intense looks and long walks. Agnese, red hair and green eyes, is stubborn, her head full of dreams for the future. Lorenzo learned how to look after himself at an early age; he is independent and is always looking for something new. But the attraction between them remains a spark that doesn’t catch fire: Rome and Milan are a long way from each other, and they often have to content themselves with short visits. Lorenzo is a talented artist, and starts building a career, enjoying great successes and disastrous failures. In the usual round of inaugurations, champagne parties and drinking sessions, he collects lovers, seducing actresses, models and art curators. But the only voice he longs to hear in the lonely nights is Agnese’s. She knows how to listen to him; she really knows him and can soothe him with words, even when dawn is approaching and her patients are waiting for her in the hospital ward. For Agnese has become a doctor, following her vocation and fulfilling one of those childhood dreams. She shares a flat with Giulia, and every evening she stands in front of the mirror, taking stock of the passing years and her chronic misfortune in love. Agnese and Lorenzo pass through all the seasons of life together, loving each other and drifting apart, until one day destiny finally decides to lend them a hand.

ELISA AMORUSO was born in Rome in 1981. After graduating in Italian literature, she took a diploma in screenwriting at the Experimental Film Centre in Rome. Her first screenplay to be filmed was that of Claudio Noce’s Good Morning Aman, Settimana della critica at the Venice Film Festival. More recent ones include Marco Ponti’s Una passione sinistra, produced by Rai Cinema and Bianca Film, and Claudio Noce’s La Foresta di ghiaccio, produced by Rai Cinema and Ascent Film. In the last few years she has written for radio, the cinema and the theatre and has directed documentaries. Buongiorno amore is her first novel.

PUBLICATION DATE: 27/06/2013 | 320 PAGES | E 9,90

Translation Rights sold to:

Grupa Wydawnicza Foksal - Poland

I love Chanel by Daniela Farnese
The most fashionable novel of the summer

Étienne has finally fallen in love – and with her. After many disappointments, true love seems to have come her way, and Rebecca is ready to move to Paris to join the man of her life. Awaiting her are a luxurious home, an exciting job as a wedding planner and the thrill of living together. Swathed in impeccable sheath dresses and teetering on stiletto heels, the modern Coco, now sure of herself and madly in love, is ready to face the bright future that lies before her. But what happens if suddenly, just when everything seems to going smoothly, an ominous past comes back into Étienne’s life? And if that past takes the shape of a brunette who wears size 38 dresses, is stylish and exudes the charm of a French silent-screen actress? As if that were not enough, Coco also finds herself having to fend off a persistent, good-looking suitor and a father who after ignoring her for years is trying to wheedle his way back into her affections. She dallies in patisseries with the scent of croissants wafting around her, drinks glasses of wine in atmospheric bistrots with Élodie and chats to her bosom friends, as she tries once again to realize her dream of love. For nothing and nobody will persuade her of the contrary: a true happy ending must be forever.


‘It’s the sequel to Via Chanel N°5. Rebecca, the modern Coco, once again tries to bring about the triumph of true love. Which, like the black sheath dress and lipstick, never goes out of fashion.’ Vanity Fair

DANIELA FARNESE was born in Naples and lives in Milan and Padua. A former actress, she has a degree in Oriental Languages and Literature. She has been an events organizer for many years, working with communications agencies, cultural associations, magazines, radio and TV. Since 2003 she has had a popular blog,, where she discusses satire, sex, loose living and love. In 2011 she published 101 modi per far soffrire gli uomini

La Esfera de los Libros (Spain)

PUBLICATION DATE: 30/05/2013 | 352 PAGES. | E 9,90

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