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Frankfurt Book Fair 2015
Tutti i difetti che amo di te by Anna Premoli
All the faults I love in you

300.000 copies sold
N°1 Italian Fiction
Winner of the 2013 Bancarella Prize

For Ethan Phelps, causing his family problems is an art form, lovingly perfected over the years. When his father dies unexpectedly without leaving a will, a serious situation arises because the boy inherits, jointly with his elder brother, his father’s shares in Phelps&Phelps, a multinational quoted on the stock exchange and still under the the family’s control. After Ethan bursts into a shareholders’ meeting roaring drunk, the family decides to intervene to protect him and his shares, which guarantee their majority. So the court appoints an administrator for his estate, but he is only the first of several, because Ethan is adept at driving them away, one after the other. After the third resignation, the judge presiding over the case decides to take a different approach, and instead of appointing one of the usual professionals, chooses Sara di Giovanni. She is a specialist in commercial patents, but has the great advantage of being determined and, unlike the others, having a private life that does not leave her open to blackmail. The relationship between her and Ethan begins fractiously, but is destined to evolve into something far more complicated and exciting…

Anna Premoli was born in 1980 in Croatia and lives in Milan, where she graduated in the economics of financial markets at the Bocconi. She has worked at J.P. Morgan and, since 2004, in the private banking department of a private bank. Mathematics has always been her strong point; writing came by chance, as an ‘anti-stress method’ during her first pregnancy. Ti prego lasciati odiare stayed at the top of the bestseller lists for months and won the 2013 Bancarella Prize; the film rights have been bought by Colorado Film. With Newton Compton she has also published Come inciampare nel principe azzurro and Finché amore non ci separi.

Pub date november 2014 | 320 pag. | euro 9.90

City Editions (France) Bota Publishing (Albania)
Vulkan (Serbia)

Mi sposo a New York by Cassandra Rocca
I’m Getting Married in New York

70.000 Copies Sold
top 10 Amazon, Kobo, Apple and Bookshops Chart

The last volume of the highly popular trilogy 
If you think dreams never come true, remember – anything can happen in New York!

Is it possible to abandon a dream for good? Liberty Allen has no doubts: the answer is yes. After suffering the searing pain of constant disappointments, she has decided to become a rational, well-controlled woman, the antithesis of the romantic, affection-hungry girl she used to be. Now she has settled into a new routine, has a satisfying job and is soon to be married to a man who is perfect for her present needs. She has renounced everything that might undermine her determination: close ties, uncontrollable emotions and romanticism. And food, which for many years had been a surrogate for love, an unhealthy addiction which was very hard to break and which she now sees as a weakness to be avoided at all costs. But when Zack Sullivan comes back into her life, all her certainties begin to waver and she is thrown into confusion. For Zack represents everything that she wants to avoid: he’s a pastry-cook, sinfully attractive, and determined to get through the cracks in her armour, to bring out the old Liberty – the girl he had loved naively and hopelessly when he was just an ambitious young man – and rediscover that old magic, which might prove dangerous for both of them…

Cassandra Rocca is of Sicilian origin and lives in Genoa. In everyday life she works as a child educator, but she devotes the rest of her time to her greatest passion – books. Newton Compton published her first novel Tutta colpa
di New York
and Una notte d'amore a New York which enjoyed unexpected success.

Option Publisher:
Foksal (Poland)

Pub date november 2014 | 320 pag. | euro 9.90

Ti odio con tutto il cuore by Valeria Luzi
I hate you with all my heart  

Nº 1 AMAZON, kobo and apple EBOOK CHART

Susi is thirty and lives in New York. She has a remarkable gift for choosing the wrong kind of man, and has a string of failed relationships behind her. The memory of the most recent one is still painful... When her father decides to make her manager of the family’s well-known restaurant, Da Totò, it seems like a chance to show what she can do at last. But an unwelcome surprise is in store for her: she will have to work alongside Michael Di Bella, a brilliant, arrogant and damnably good-looking chef, for whom Susi has felt an intense loathing ever since high school. But, as often happens, forced proximity, mellowed by good cuisine, can produce unexpected reactions, and even the most deep-rooted antipathy can turn into attraction – and passion...

Valeria Luzi 
is thirty and lives in Rome. After graduating in philosophy, she worked in London, New York and Barcelona to improve her English. Around the world she discovered her true passions: writing and travel. In 2009 she published her first short novel. Then, 2013 was the year of her first full-length novel, Ti odio con tutto il cuore, published online, which proved immensely popular, climbing to the top of the bestseller lists.

Pub date august 2014 | 320 pag. | euro 12  

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