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Frankfurt Book Fair 2013
Finché amore non ci separi by Anna Premoli
Until Love Do Us Part 

They have hated each other all their lives. But this time it might be forever.

Amalia is a young New York lawyer, known in the law courts as the ‘ice queen’. She is from a wealthy Jewish family and has never received much attention from her parents. Ryan, an Irish American, is the eldest of four sons, and his rumbustious family runs a traditional pub in the centre of the Big Apple. The two of them first met at Yale Law School, where they were bitter rivals for the job of editing the student newspaper. Amalia stayed in New York; Ryan built a successful career in Chicago, but the offer of the job of deputy district attorney has now brought him back to New York. The first case he has to deal with seems a routine one: a charge of drunk driving against a wealthy young woman. But what if this seemingly simple case should become unexpectedly complicated? What if the lawyer defending the girl were Amalia, whom he hasn’t seen for ten years? The clash in the courtroom degenerates to such a point that the judge condemns them both to a number of hours of community work, which they must do together. And what might happen if these two young people, who so heartily loathe each other, are compelled by the law to work in harness?

Anna Premoli was born in 1980 in Croatia but now lives in Milan, where she graduated in the economics of the financial markets at Bocconi University. She has worked for J.P. Morgan and, since 2004, in the private banking department of a private bank, where she specializes in financial consultancy and fiscal optimization. Mathematics has always been her strong point; writing came by chance, as an ‘anti-stress method’.  

Il sigillo dei tredici massoni by G. L. Barone
The Seal of the Thirteen Masons

In Rome the funeral of the assassinated Italian prime minister is about to take place. On a Greek island a woman is attacked by a group of paramilitaries. Who is behind these two seemingly unrelated events?

On the day of the funeral of the Italian prime minister, who has been dramatically assassinated, the body of a man with a strange tattoo on his chest is found under a bridge at the foot of the Castel Sant’Angelo. The investigations, led by the public prosecutor Lorenzo Fossati, take place in a surreal atmosphere and under great political pressure, as tension grows in the majority party over the election of a new leader. Meanwhile, on a Greek island a woman named Eva is attacked in her villa overlooking the sea. This was no attempted burglary but a targeted assault, carried out by armed paramilitaries. The two events, seemingly so far apart and different, are in fact connected. But when Fossati discovers this, he finds himself in conflict with an organization which is too powerful for one man to deal with: the so-called ‘Order of the Thirteen Masons’, which controls international finance and politics. Fleeing from some dangerous individuals, Fossati travels across Europe with Eva, who is being pursued by the same people. Who is behind the group of conspirators? What other unsolved murders have they perpetrated in different parts of the globe?

G. L. Barone works for the town council of Varese. In 2012 he had a runaway success with La cospirazione degli Illuminati, which stayed in the ebook top ten for over six months. Published in paperback by Newton Compton in 2013, it has continued to be a bestseller. For more information, see his website,

L'abbazia dei cento peccati by Marcello Simoni
The Abbey of a Hundred Sins

A perilous mystery links the destinies of an indomitable knight, a young painter and an abbot who has lost his faith. It is the Lapis exilii, a relic whose secret is known only to an old, crippled monk.

It all begins in August 1346, when the staunch Maynard de Roqueblanche, having survived a military defeat, comes into possession of a riddle written on a scroll of parchment. The text mentions a priceless unknown relic, the Lapis Exilii, which immediately arouses the interest of an Avignon cardinal and Prince Charles of Luxemburg, who is eager to be crowned emperor. To prevent the parchment from falling into the wrong hands, Maynard has to take refuge first with his sister Eudeline, prioress of the convent of Sainte-Balsamie, and then south of the Alps, in the abbey of Pomposa. Here he meets the abbot Andrea and the young painter Gualtiero de’ Bruni, and with their help tries to discover the truth about the relic. But the only person who knows it is a crippled monk, Facio di Malaspina, who learned the secret of the Lapis Exilii from an inaccessible place, the monastery of Mont-Fleur…

Marcello Simoni was born in Comacchio in 1975. A former archaeologist with a degree in the humanities, he works as a librarian. He has published several non-fiction historical studies; with Il mercante di libri maledetti, his first novel, he sold more than 500,000 copies, won the 60th Bancarella Prize, and was shortlisted for the 2012 Fiesole Prize and the 2012 Emilio Salgari Prize. The translation rights have been bought in eighteen countries. With Newton Compton he has also published La biblioteca perduta dell’alchimista, Il labirinto ai confini del mondo and L’isola dei monaci senza nome. For the series Live he has published I sotterranei della cattedrale, selling over 150,000 copies.

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